Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It

Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It , and you’re probably busy preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Without a doubt, the focus would be on food and decoration. But you should think about safety as well, and prepare accordingly. Look around you and see what needs
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Hide Those Ugly Wires and Cables, Let Your New Wall Mount TV Shine

Replacing your old TV for a wall-mounted version is supposed to help you minimise the amount of space consumed and maximize a room’s floor area. But if you leave the wires and cables hanging all over the place, it would still look cluttered and distracting. This underscores the importance of TV cable management by
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Back to School: Tips to Pack for School with UT Wire

As if waking up your kids and getting them ready for school wasn’t challenging enough, you also have to make sure they bring everything they need for their classes every day. With all the stuff that school kids have to carry to class nowadays, it will be extremely helpful if you can help them to […]
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How to prevent cable hazard in office and homes like tripping

June is National Safety Month in the US. As the leading cause of death for individuals aged 1 to 44 years, injuries in the home and workplace are front and center for National Safety Month. One of the most prevalent causes of accidents and injuries in the home and workplace are electrical cables. Figuring out […]
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Setting up a charging station for all your mobile, tablet devices

Is your surge protector becoming a hideous sight to see? Chargers for various kinds of devices are attached to it and cables are looking tangled and in short, everything is a mess. It’s understandable that we have lots of chargers for each of the handheld devices we carry – and they do need to be […]
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Try UT-Wire’s New Desk Cable Management Solutions

Desk Cable Management
If your home or work desk is a chaotic cluster of cables, wires, and cords, you could use an effective desk cable management system. Anywhere there is a desk, there is typically a collection of essential items that require power and that are usually linked to each other via cables. There are often so many […]
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The BEST Home Cable Management Products

Home Cable Management
Between cable TV and satellite, televisions, computers, printers, scanners, modems, gaming systems and entertainment centers, the modern home is wired to the hilt and in great need of a home cable management system. In addition to all of the wires and cables that link all those gadgets together, there are also the
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The New Way to Approach Wall Cable Management

Wall Cable Management
Those who cringe at the sight of a mass of cords bursting from wall-mounted electronics have dreamed of a wall cable management system. After all, there’s a little something lost from the wonder of having a flat-screen TV hanging in the center of an otherwise barren wall when the power cord and satellite
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