Conceal loose cords along the wall.

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Cord Channel

The simplest way to organize cables and conceal it on the wall without the hassle of working with additional connectors or joints. Conceal loose cords along the wall and baseboard. It’s also paintable to match your wall color.

Easy installation

Without complications, you can add and remove cords in the future using the front slit. The flexible material makes installation simple to do. Just adjust the length of Cord Channel using a pair of scissors. It’s also possible to extend single cords from the front opening if you need to re-route to a different location.

How to Install

  • (1)Clean and dry area of wall.
  • (2)Apply tape first to the wall.
  • (3)Cut cord channel to desired length.
  • (4)Peel off liner from tape and press Cord Channel firmly to the tape for 30 seconds. Slit should face the front.
  • (5)Press gently to open the slip. Wait 15 minutes before inserting cords for best results.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

White (this product is paintable)

Size Options:

10 ft


Color Box

Comes with:

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Our Story

Cord Channel is our most economical and efficient way to hide cords along the wall. It provides an option besides running cables behind the wall. Yet, it is not complicated to install, nor does it requires any additional connecting parts and joints. We wanted to design a simple cable cord cover for TV cable management based on those ideas. This is the perfect wire cover to run down the wall or across the baseboard for TVs, computers, lighting, and telephones.