D-Wings are now for the great outdoors.

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D-Wings Outdoor

Nail-free clips for outdoor

Versatile Outdoor Use

D-Wings outdoor is a versatile nail-free clip that can be used as a light clip for patios, but it also as a vine clip in gardens for support.

High Bond Tape withstands weather

Designed with the weather in mind, D-Wings outdoor uses high bond foam tape that can hold up against extreme temperatures.

Withstand the weather

Withstand extreme temperatures

These outdoor multipurpose clips are made with high bond 3M foam tape that’s designed to withstand extreme temperatures from -25F (-32C) to 160F (71C). Use it for hanging Christmas lights or supporting vines.


  • (1) Wipe clean and dry area of wall.
  • (2)Press down gently to open the slit.
  • (3)Peel off tape liner and stick on a clean and flat surface.
  • (4)Press D-Wings Outdoor firmly for 30 seconds.
  • (5) Wait 15 minutes before inserting vines or cords for best results.

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Technical Specs

Comes with:

Double-Sided Foam Tape

Color Options:


Size Options:

0.5 in (large)


Blister Pack


Our Story

Most of us seem to focus on indoor cord management, but what about the outdoors? We certainly cannot forget about the Christmas lights or patio string lights that light up our house and garden. Mounting wires on surfaces like stucco wall or window frames that are difficult to nail or drill is quite a challenge. D-Wings Outdoor is a nail-free cable clip that can overcome that challenge. This design was derived from our original D-Wing which is a nail-free cable management clip for indoor jobs. We took that and made it suitable for the outdoor and extreme temperature. Better yet, it is also a vine clip to hold and support your plants.