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Before After Image Cable Organizer Wrap
Flexi Cable Wrap
Expandable and flexible material that gives no plastic cuts.
Expandable Flexi Cable Wrap Cover
Expandable Cable Wrap Design
Wrap, Bundle & Organize!
Expandable Flexi Cable Wrap wraps around bundles of cables or cords
to keep it organized. Made from a soft and flexible material, Flexi
Cable Wrap leaves no plastic cut from sharp edges on your finger
when inserting cords or extra complicated tools needed for installation.
It is a smart expandable system that easily self wraps and conforms to
bundle cords.    

Overlapping wrap that is expandable for either
small or large groupings of cords. Expandable
diameter 0.5 – 0.8 inch.   

Soft and flexible rubber material that is easy to
insert cords without plastic cuts.

Allows cables to breakout and reroute midway.
Cut to desire length with a pair of scissors to wrap
entire length or sections of cords.