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Flexi Ties

Cushioned Twist Ties

Get Organized

Flex and twist to easily organize cables. Wrap around cords to bundle, organize or group. Simply unwind to release.


Flexi Ties are reusable cable ties, so you can use them as many times as needed.

Flexi Ties

Cushioned Twist Ties

Soft and Flexible

The soft cushion surface doesn’t cut into insulations and prevents damage to cords.

6 Colors

Flexi Ties come in a variety of colors, making cord organization and identification easy.

3 Sizes

Available in three different lengths so that you can organize various cord types.


Easily organize all sorts of cords including:

  • Consumer Electronic Devices
  • Computer Systems
  • Kitchens Appliances
  • Holiday Lights
  • Home Entertainment Systems
  • Power Tools
  • Extension Cords

How to Use

It doesn’t get much easier than this.
Simply wrap around your cords with
the flexible twist ties and you’re set.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Comes with:

  • (Style 2) Orange, Grey & Black
  • (Style 3) Yellow, Pink & Blue
  • (Style UH-UAT) Black & Grey

Size Options:

  • 0.375 in (small)
  • 0.5 in (large)


  • PET Recyclable Sealed Bags (STYLE 02)
  • Kraft Box with label (STYLE 03)
  • Blister Packs (STYLE UH/UAT)

Our Story

Cord organization should be fun and not just work. This was the general concept behind Flexi Ties: the cushioned, colored zip ties in short. Flexi Ties is a cord wrapper with soft cushioning that will bundle cords tightly without cutting into the insulation of cords. We just love how fun it is to use the Flexi Ties to wrap cables. Simply twist to tie and unwind to undo. Scoot over old zip ties; here comes the Flexi Ties.