simple design,
big solution.

Binditz Mini

Easily bundle your small cords

Binditz Original

The neat fix for any cord mess

Cable Blanket

Peel, stick and cover

Pocket for Laptop

The 2-in-1 pouch and mousepad

Pocket For Travel

Travel organzier on the go


Under desk organizer for power strips

In-Box Charging Station

Desktop organizer for your devices


Store chargers and earbuds in a snap

Compact Cord Protector

Cord cover with slimmer profile

Speedy Wrap

Magnetic cable wrap

Q Knot Plus

Compact & reusable ties


2 way cord channel

Cord Channel

Conceal loose cords along the wall

Q Knots

Multipurpose reusable ties

Flexi Cable Wrap

Expandable and flexible cord bundler

D-Wings Outdoor

Nail- free clips for outdoor

D-Wings Auto

Nail-free cord clips for cars


Nail-free cord clips

Cord Protector

Protects cords on the floor

Cable Station 2 & Mini

A smart way to clean your desk

Cord Wrap To-Go

No more tangled cords on the go.

Flexi Ties

Flex & twist to easily wrap cords

Q Knot Outdoor

Weather resistant for outside jobs

Q Knot Pro

Reusable ties for tighter locking