Introducing a new and improved version of your old rubber bands.

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Q Knot

Reusable Cable Ties

Non-Slip Gripping Teeth

Non-slip gripping “teeth” and smart self-locking design secure anything.

Stretchy and Flexible

The stretchable material allows you to easily release, re-tie, and reuse!


Think of them as the new and improved version of your old rubber bands.

Award Winning Design

The Q Knot has captured the attention of design awards such as Design Defined, Red Dot, and iF Design.


Use these reusable ties for:

  • Bundling multiple objects
  • Organizing various cords
  • Sealing plastic bags
  • And much more!

What’s the difference?

Q Knot Original

Use Q knot Originals for everyday items you would like to access often. The straight teeth design ensures a flexible, but secure lock.


Q Knot Pro

Q Knot Pros are designed for heavy duty jobs that require a tighter lock. The slanted teeth design provides a tight lock for your items.

How to use

  • (1)Insert tail through loop end.
  • (2)Pull strap gently to tighten. To untie, pull on loop end to release.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Red

Size Options:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


  • PET Recyclable Sealed Bags

Our Story

Q Knots are the colorful reusable cable ties you will find to love. This cable organizer is not just for cables. This cable management idea came from simply two questions we had in mind: how can we reuse cable ties and how can we make rubber bands more durable? We put our heads together and quickly came up with a solution. Why not combine the two products together and make it even better? This began our design quest on trying to find a way to create a hybrid of the two. Long story short, Q Knot quickly became a favorite of many users and won many renowned product design awards around the globe.