A new helper for the garden.

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Q Knot Outdoor

A multi-purpose reusable tied designed especially for the garden. It’s made with high premium rubber that can withstand extreme weather. Use it for bundling vinesand small plants, or closing up soil bags.

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The soft rubber material can tie small plants and vines securely without damaging them. Q Knot Outdoors is designed to be for repeateduse. Release, retie, reuse!

How to use

  • (1) Wrap around vines or plants.
  • (2)Loop through the opening and pull to adjust tightness.
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Technical Specs

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Size Options:

7 inch ties


Blister Packs

Our Story

We just love this new style of Q Knot, designed and made especially for the outdoors and garden. Use them to secure and support small plants or tall stems to trellises or other supports. These stylish zip ties will not damage plants because they are made with soft, rubber material that is easy to work with. Each of the teeth are spaced out to allow you to easily tighten or loosen as need. And don’t only use them plant ties. They’re so versatile, so use them in the garden or outdoors as reusable cable ties or bag ties. What’s not to love about them?