Big things come in small packages.

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Speedy Wrap

Wrap anything quickly and easily with Speedy Wrap! It’s small and compact and will handle the toughest of jobs, from tough extension cords to jumper cables.

Magnetic Locking

Magnetic locking power to securely holds cords in place.

Speedy Wrap

Inspired by the slap band, quickly wrap your cable using one hand.

Perfect Bundling

Designed to hold medium grouping of cords 1.25-1.75 in. in diameter (i.e. small appliances, hair dryers, small & medium extension cords, and more.

Heavy Duty

Durable Silicone material allows for repeated use.

How to use

Wrap the Speedy Wrap around the center of the bundle of cords. Make sure the magnet is on the outer layer.
DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

  • Grey
  • Green

Size Options:

  • 5” band
  • 10” band


  • Printed Chipboard

Our Story

Storing cables after each use is desirable, but sometimes not practical. Organizing a large bundle of extension cords is always a painful task in cable organization. We need a great extension cord organizer. Speedy-Wrap will effortlessly take care of those heavy duty messes. These 20” long magnetic cable wraps will wrap anything quickly with ease. Simply wrap and snap, then the rest will do its trick. You will love this cord wrap and can’t do without in your office, garage and workshop. Don’t worry, we have a 10” version for your smaller power cords to use around your home too.