Summer: Keep cable confusion away!

This summer, why not engage in some organizing? A little indoor activity won’t hurt, especially when the temperatures are scorching outside. One of the easiest things you can organize are cable wires. Thanks to an increasingly technological world, you now have to deal with wires for just about everything you
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Great Idea for Christmas Gift Exchange in Holiday Season

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. You’re around family and friends, sharing special meals and creating memories. There are wonderful decorations, the weather means you’re cozy inside and you get to eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. However, one thing that can make Christmas difficult is deciding what
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Give Daddy’s Garage a Makeover

It’s no secret that dads love their garages. It’s their space to keep all their tools and build things and store things. Perhaps your dad uses the garage for something else, but chances are it’s not the most appealing area of the house. Not just because it’s not meant to be furnished or look nice like […]
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Halloween Big Help For Hanging Lights

Halloween is an amazing holiday that anyone can enjoy. Halloween decorations are the pinnacle of celebrating Halloween and can transform your house from an ordinary home to a scary, festive place where you and friends and family love to spend time. There are so many decorations out there and while many can just
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Baby Safety Month Baby Proofing House

Come September, it’ll be baby safety month and we can’t think of anything more important. Baby safety can involve a lot of things from making sure you’re watching them, making sure they don’t choke on small items, that they’re strapped into their car seats and even more. If you have a baby, you also know […]
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Back to School: Your Backpack Will Never Be A Mess

Going back to school is a bittersweet time, but it’s also a great time to prepare yourself for the upcoming year. Whether that’s getting fresh, new materials, new clothes or organization items, there’s always a way to set yourself up for a great year and get yourself excited for what’s coming up. A new school […]
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Post-Holiday Organization. How to Organize All the Christmas Lights

Now that the holidays are over, and you’ve used up all your energy partying all night, you will have to face the dreaded post-holiday cleaning, clearing and organizing. But you don’t have much choice. If only you can leave the Christmas decorations on all year round, right? There’s no rule against it. But not
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How to Pack Your Carry-on Luggage for Travel with UT Wire 

Digital travelers of today get to enjoy the ease of reaching far destinations while still remaining plugged. But going places while staying digitally connected brings a couple of challenges, such as running out of battery and having nowhere to charge while on transit, or finding out too late that the country
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Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It

Preparing for a Holiday Party? Safety Should Be a Major Part of It , and you’re probably busy preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. Without a doubt, the focus would be on food and decoration. But you should think about safety as well, and prepare accordingly. Look around you and see what needs
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