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Halloween Big Help For Hanging Lights

Halloween is an amazing holiday that anyone can enjoy. Halloween decorations are the pinnacle of celebrating Halloween and can transform your house from an ordinary home to a scary, festive place where you and friends and family love to spend time. There are so many decorations out there and while many can just
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How Wired is Your Home?

If you’re like most of us, your cord and wire organization has much for improvement. TVs, cable cord, TV cord, Xbox, Blu Ray, HDMI, speakers… the list goes on and on. The list also grows as the months/years go by as new “toys” and electronics are hitting the market, more of these end up on
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The Perfect Cable Clip Solutions – Indoor or Outdoor

Cable Clip Products
Few things are as useful as a cable clip for organizing wires and cords. UT Wire has a variety of handy cable bundling solutions including flexi ties, Q knots, speedy wraps and flexi cable wraps. Each one works in its own unique way to serve the same basic purpose: keeping the cords, cables and wires […]
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