UT-Wire Cable Organizer

Great Idea for Christmas Gift Exchange in Holiday Season

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year. You’re around family and friends, sharing special meals and creating memories. There are wonderful decorations, the weather means you’re cozy inside and you get to eat cookies and drink hot chocolate. However, one thing that can make Christmas difficult is deciding what
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Baby Safety Month Baby Proofing House

Come September, it’ll be baby safety month and we can’t think of anything more important. Baby safety can involve a lot of things from making sure you’re watching them, making sure they don’t choke on small items, that they’re strapped into their car seats and even more. If you have a baby, you also know […]
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Post-Holiday Organization. How to Organize All the Christmas Lights

Now that the holidays are over, and you’ve used up all your energy partying all night, you will have to face the dreaded post-holiday cleaning, clearing and organizing. But you don’t have much choice. If only you can leave the Christmas decorations on all year round, right? There’s no rule against it. But not
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Setting up a charging station for all your mobile, tablet devices

Is your surge protector becoming a hideous sight to see? Chargers for various kinds of devices are attached to it and cables are looking tangled and in short, everything is a mess. It’s understandable that we have lots of chargers for each of the handheld devices we carry – and they do need to be […]
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Cord Organizing Innovations from UT Wire

Cord organizing innovations from UT Wire – find convenient applications in vehicles UT-Wire, creator of the innovative cord organizing solutions such as Q Knot and D-Wings, announced today will now be available to consumers through auto parts industry retailer, Pep Boys. Seven of UT-Wire’s unique signature
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Simplify Spring Cleaning Both Indoors and Out

Q Knot and D-Wings for Outdoor and Cordline are Latest Means of Untangling Messy, Spaces After the brutal winter faced by much of the USA, coming out of hibernation tops many American homeowners’ spring resolutions. But before they can start enjoying all the warm weather has to offer, they will need to unbury
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