Try UT-Wire’s New Desk Cable Management Solutions

Desk Cable Management
If your home or work desk is a chaotic cluster of cables, wires, and cords, you could use an effective desk cable management system. Anywhere there is a desk, there is typically a collection of essential items that require power and that are usually linked to each other via cables. There are often so many […]
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The BEST Home Cable Management Products

Home Cable Management
Between cable TV and satellite, televisions, computers, printers, scanners, modems, gaming systems and entertainment centers, the modern home is wired to the hilt and in great need of a home cable management system. In addition to all of the wires and cables that link all those gadgets together, there are also the
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The New Way to Approach Wall Cable Management

Wall Cable Management
Those who cringe at the sight of a mass of cords bursting from wall-mounted electronics have dreamed of a wall cable management system. After all, there’s a little something lost from the wonder of having a flat-screen TV hanging in the center of an otherwise barren wall when the power cord and satellite
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Have You Used Cord Wraps That Work As Good As UT-Wire’s?

Cord Wraps
Having an organized, put together office is vital for anyone seeking a productive work life. Cord wraps are one of our best selling items, as it binds all of your cords and makes for a more organized, put together home or work office. Take a moment to consider the cords in your office. Between your […]
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The New Approach to Cable Management Solutions

Cable Management Solutions
If you are looking for affordable cable management solutions to keep your home or office organized, look no further than the products created by UT Wire. We have a wide selection of cable management products that will solve every organization issues you are having. For most of us, our desktops have the tendency to
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What Will You Do With All the New Cords and Wires?

Christmas Time Cord and Cable Management
Let’s say Christmas is over. Presents have been unwrapped, new TVs, game consoles, radios, home entertainment centers, new PC’s and other fun toys for the family. You also start to notice that you see 10X the amount of cords that you had before the festivities began. There are cords sticking out of
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Earphone Case for All Those Who Commute

Earphone Case
Organizing on the go is a snap if you have an earphone case for your earbuds. Just cramming them into a jeans or coat pocket or even dropping your earbuds into a purse or pack typically results in a tangled or damaged headset. However, just imagine the convenience a specialized travel case would provide. It […]
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Flexible Wire Ties

Wire Ties
When it comes to organizing, wire ties do the trick in the office or any room in your home. Though they are terrific for electronics such as computers and the essential peripherals that go with them, a wire organizer comes in handy for any system that has cords, cables, and wires. A peek behind any […]
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Wire Organizer

Wire Organizers - UT Wire
If you are currently working in a messy and disorganized work space, you may want to consider solutions from UT Wire. We have found through working with hundreds of clients who report a messy office is that the most effective solutions are not always the most expensive or extravagant. One cable organizer or wire
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Earbud Holder

The Pocket Earbud Holder from UT Wire
If you had an earbud holder, you would always know where your headset was when you needed it. Everyone knows that string-like objects such as the cords on your earbuds have a propensity for knotting when they are jostled, but physicists with a bit of free time on their hands decided to find out why […]
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