A Nifty New Headphone Case is Here

The Perfect Headphone Case
In today’s world, our headphones follow us everywhere. Whether we are driving hands-free in the car on the way to work or we are listening to music on our iPods during a workout, our headphones follow us everywhere. A headphone case is a wise investment for a number of different reasons. First of all, consider
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A Travel Case for All You Mobile Type People

UT Wire's Travel Case - The Pocket
Finding a travel case that is small enough to slip into your bag yet large enough to store your electronics can be a major challenge. In today’s world, our electronics follow us everything – from work to the home office, on trips, and pretty much everywhere imaginable! Finding compact travel cases for your
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Charger Case

Charger Case - The Pocket
If you do not have a charger case for your phone or other device chargers, you probably find yourself without them when you need them most. It is common to realize you only have 5 percent battery life left on your phone when your car breaks down on the interstate and you really, really need […]
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UT Wire Cable Management Products to be Sold in Staples!

Cable and Cord Management Come to Staples
Staples will begin to carry our best products (19 of them) in their stores nationwide. They got an entire aisle section dedicated for cable management which include our products and other vendors. The roll out will not be all the Staples stores. Only 600+ stores which is half of their total stores. Customers can
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Cable Organizer

Cable Organizers
For many of us working professionals, it feels like wires and cords take up our entire desk, with a wires connecting to our computer monitors, keyboards, printers, speakers, phones, and other electronic devices. Working professionals who feel a lack of organization in their home or work office will be happy to
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How Wired is Your Home?

If you’re like most of us, your cord and wire organization has much for improvement. TVs, cable cord, TV cord, Xbox, Blu Ray, HDMI, speakers… the list goes on and on. The list also grows as the months/years go by as new “toys” and electronics are hitting the market, more of these end up on
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The Perfect Selection of Cord Organizers

Cord Organizers
You might not have started out needing cord organizers for your home and office electronics, but gadgets have a way of multiplying. Add a DVR here, plug in a printer there and before you know it, the cables, cords, and wires are out of control. At UT Wire, we make cable management solutions that can […]
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Wire Covers that Work

Wire Covers
If you do not use wire covers with your electronics, a glance behind your entertainment center or computer can be a horror show. “The Wire Cluster That Ate Manhattan” will not give you nightmares if you tame that tangled mess with unique cable management products from UT Wire. You may need more than
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Cable Ties Online

cable ties online
If you have researched cable ties online, you probably have not found any better than the ones designed by UT Wire. We know that the best solutions aren’t always complicated, and we’ve come up with a line of cable organizing products that you cannot live without. When the mass of cables behind your
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Cord Wrap

cord wrap
A messy workspace makes for a messy life. To help de-clutter and organize your office, consider a cord wrap to keep all of your cords and cables from tangling, which will make for a more aesthetically pleasing workspace that will allow you to be more productive in your home and office. When you consider all […]
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