The Perfect Cable Clip Solutions - Indoor or Outdoor

Few things are as useful as a cable clip for organizing wires and cords. UT Wire has a variety of handy cable bundling solutions including flexi ties, Q knots, speedy wraps and flexi cable wraps. Each one works in its own unique way to serve the same basic purpose: keeping the cords, cables and wires in your home or office neat, tidy and organized. Whether the goal is bundling, concealment or keeping your cords and cables in place, UT Wire products are the solution to creating an orderly work or living space.

Many Types of Cable Clips to Choose from at UT-Wire

Our D wings are the ultimate cable clip in the UT Wire cable organizing collection. With versions for home, office, outdoors and even your automobile, D wings hold loose cords in place, wherever you need them. The double-sided foam tape holds these handy little clips in place on any flat surface to guide your cables along the path you choose, keeping them out of the way. D wings will hold your cords along edges, around corners along baseboards and you can even paint them to match your decor perfectly. The ingenious design allows you to insert and remove cords and cables quickly and easily as needed.
Cable and Cord Management
When you need a cable clip with more capacity for bundling multiple cords, UT Wire's speedy wraps and Q knots are the multipurpose products for the job. Whether you prefer the magnetic locking system of speedy wrap, or prefer the release, retie and reuse functionality of Q knots, you'll find both products user-friendly and reliable. We've also created a cord bundler that wraps around several cords. You can even cut our flexi cable wrap to whatever length you need them to keep cables neat and tidy from one end to the other. UT Wire has all the products you'll ever need to put your electronics in order.