Cable Management Products That Work

Computers, wireless devices, even accessories such as headphones and gadget charges are essential in today's world, but they require reliable and easy to use cable management products to eliminate the tangled mass of knotted cords, cables and wires that come with them. UT Wire comes to the rescue with a collection of products for bundling, concealing, mounting and storing those electronics necessities to keep them organized and out of the way. Specializing in simple designs that provide a significant solution, we've improved upon old-school ideas to create unique products for the home, office and on the go.

Cable Management Products that are User-Friendly

Functional and user-friendly are the inspirations for the cable management products UT Wire designs. After all, how useful is anything that comes with pages of instructions and requires a box full of tools to install? You won't have to worry about complicated operation or installation with our organizational line of merchandise. In most cases, all you need to do is bundle and wrap cords or slip them into our cord and cable protectors and concealers. Products such as our cord channels can be secured into place on the floor or on a wall with our special double-sided tape, and they can even be painted to match the surface. Plus, the adjustable capacity our cord lines provide mean you can add accessories and peripherals to your devices anytime you need to. UT Wire also has cable management products for your automobile, meaning you will not have to fight a tangle of wires when you need to plug your GPS in while you use it. Our D-Wings attach to your dashboard or console with double-sided foam tape to keep your device cords in place and out of the way wherever you go. When cords, wires and cables get out of hand, turn to UT Wire products for the solutions that will set you free.