Cable Protector - Organize, Protect, Efficient

Whether you۪re looking for a solution to cover loose cords on the floor, or you۪re tired of your messy workspace, we have a few solutions that will make your life easier. If you are looking for methods to help improve not only the aesthetics but also the practical set up of your office, consider investing in a cable protector. A cable protector is a small yet significant change that will enhance your entire office. Many professional people put off organizing their offices because they claim to not have the time or money. A cable protector is an inexpensive and easy way to solve a big problem in your office clutter.

The Ultimate Cable Protector Products

Most individuals have everything from ear phones to a power cord to a phone cord to speaker cords. A tangled bunch of cords does nothing to enhance the organization and other all look of your office, not to mention it can be a safety hazard. UT Wire has everything from a compact cord protector to a flexi cable wrap, which keep the cords camouflaged and meant to blend in with the rest of your d̩cor. We also offer fun alternatives such as flexi-ties, which are available in a variety of bright colors, designed to bend with your cords.
Cable and Cord Management
Without an organized, put together office, productivity is impossible for most of us. File cabinets, storage containers, and labels can all help in the effort to have a more productive workspace. A cable protector is one small product that will make a huge difference, both in your office and home. The organization and design of your office can send a message to your clients and coworkers. Disheveled cords and cables overwhelm your workspace. The cord and cable protector products from UT Wire will help cover and protect your cords on the ground. There are three different channels so you can easily identify which cord goes to what equipment. The maximum organization and protection at the same time.