Cord Wrap

A messy workspace makes for a messy life. To help de-clutter and organize your office, consider a cord wrap to keep all of your cords and cables from tangling, which will make for a more aesthetically pleasing workspace that will allow you to be more productive in your home and office. When you consider all of the electronics that are currently sitting on your desk - from phone chargers to power cords to computer cables to earbuds - you quickly realize how disheveled your workplace is, despite your best efforts to stay organized. UT Wire boasts a large selection of cord wraps of all different styles, made from different materials. A compact cord protector will help keep your floor area clear and safe to walk without tripping over a cable or cord. A cord channel is the perfect solution for concealing the cords that run from the floor up a wall, to a TV or entertainment center. The UT Wire cord wrap balances practicality and function with beauty and aesthetics. Our cord wrap will blend with whatever decorating motif you currently have in your office!

Cord Wrap Works Great on All Types of Cords, Cables, Wires, and More

Our Flexi Cable Wrap helps keep cords organized and bundles them together by wrapping around bundles of cords. They are an absolute must for anyone with a desktop computer. The cord wrap works well in an office, at home, and school computer labs and libraries. The cord protector is perfect for protecting your cords with a cord wrap can also help prevent accidents. Loose cords can easily be tripped on or ripped out if not protected. If you are actively seeking a way to organize your office or home, a cord wrap is a great place to start. UT Wire has created a product that balances both functionality and beauty. We are sure that you will benefit from any of our cord wraps.