D Wings and Flexi Ties - Cable and Cord Organization

D-Wings and Flexi Ties - Untangling Messy Cars and Garages

While most people think of distracted driving as texting or talking while behind the wheel, many things inside a vehicle can draw attention away from the roadway. UT Wire is helping to eliminate one of these dangerous distractions by keeping the cords from electronic devices organized, out of drivers' line of sight and away from the controls they need access to. The company's new D-Wings and Flexi Ties... for inside the automobile are also perfectly suited for de-cluttering the trunk and garage. flexi-ties-cord-ties-reusableAccording to a December 2012 survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, 54 percent of those polled said they owned some sort of GPS tracking or navigational product. Whether it is portable or handheld, that system requires a cord to keep it charged. Add in the number of drivers who charge their mobile phones while on the road and suddenly a lot of messy cords are getting in the way of driving attention.

Complete Cable Management and Organization

UT Wire, the manufacturer of cord organizational products for the home, has recently modified some of its most popular offerings to take care of the dangling cord issue in the automobile. Anyone who drives with a GPS attached to their windshield or a cell phone charger hanging out of their cigarette lighter can benefit from the new D-Wings Auto. This cord organizer holds and guides cords across any flat surface, like the center console, so that cables remain out of the line of vision and neatly tucked away from the gearshift.

Better than Cable Ties

flexible-bending-cord-cable-tiesLike all of UT Wire's products D-Wings Auto require no nails for installation. They simply peel, stick and stay. In fact, the double-sided tape that adheres them can withstand temperatures of up to 160 degrees fairenheit. A front slit down the center makes inserting and removing cords from D-Wings, which come in both small and large sizes, a breeze. Joining D-Wings Auto as UT Wire's latest organizational innovations are Flexi Ties. These reusable cushion ties flex and twist to easily organize wires of all widths, including extension cords and jumper cables. As a result, they aid in tidying up storage space in the garage and the trunk. Both D-Wings Auto and Flexi Ties retail for under $10. They are available for purchase nationwide at Pep Boys.