How to Use UT-Wire Cable Station 2

"No more cable clutter on your desk!"
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STEP 1: Untangle the wire & cable
STEP 2: Push the wire & cable into 5 separate compartments
STEP 3: Tape the double sided adhesive tape on the back
FINAL: Mount it flat on the top of the desk and done!
Create your own cable station on your desk to organize messy and tangled cords from computer, router, speaker, monitor, telephone, or entertainment system. Mount it flat on the top, side, or back of your desk or media stands using double sided adhesive tape. One more tip: Cable Station 2 is writable to easily identify cords
Small product that makes a big difference in organizing cord clutter!
UT- Wire Cable Station 2
  • 5 slots to store individual cords separately
  • Included double sided adhesive tape
Where to purchase at retail store:
  • Active Micro
  • Fry۪s Electronics
  • Micro Center
Where to purchase on the internet: