How to Use UT-Wire Cable Wheel

"The best way to organize excess cords in homes and offices!"
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STEP 1: Untangle the wire & cable
STEP 2: Leave one end up & wrap
STEP 3: Leave the other end same direction or the bottom
FINAL:Place the black cover, and done!
What happens when you buy a cord is too long, or when you need 10 feet but the cords comes in 25 feet? UT-Wire Cable Wheel store and cover excess cords and cables from your computer system, small appliances, media center, and television. Only 3 easy steps: just wrap, cover and done.
See the different!
UT- Wire Cable Wheel
  • Cable Wheel has both small and large sizes for storing different length of excess cords
  • 2 different ways to wrap cord-s for easy installation
Where to purchase at retail store:
Active Micro
Blackhawk Hardware
Fry۪s Electronics
Micro Center
Where to purchase on the internet: