How to Use UT-Wire Cord Protector

"Protect running cords on the floor from tripping accidents."
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STEP 1: Take out the cord protector and double sided adhesive tape
STEP 2: Adjust desire length using a pair of scissor
STEP 3: Insert the cords
STEP 4: Turn over the cord protector and lie flat first, then use the double sided adhesive tape
FINAL: Mount it flat on the floor and done!
UT-Wire Cord Protector is made of special flexible rubber material, which makes installation much easier! Remember, when using UT-Wire Cord Protector the first time, gently pull back the two sides to create the openingto insert the cords easier. This cord cover lies flat right from its packaging!
Tip 1: Two bonus top-loading compartments create additional space for storing cords. It makes adding or removing cords in the future a piece of cake!
Tip 2: Three colors to match your floor
UT-Wire Cord Protector
  • Made of special flexible rubber material easy to lay flat & install
  • Three colors available dark gray, beige, and tan
  • Three individual separate compartments for extra storage
  • Top loading design for any future adjustment needed
  • Included double sided adhesive tape
Where to purchase at retail store:
  • Active Micro
  • Fry۪s Electronics
  • Micro Center
Where to purchase on the internet: