How to Use UT-Wire Cord Wrap To-Go

Minimize cord mess and travel smart! ۝
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STEP 1: Take the item out and ready to wrap STEP 2: Leave one end out STEP 3: Wrap it around & push both ends into Cord Wrap To-Go FINAL: Done! Neat & clean!! Cord Wrap To-Go is designed for storing cords from portable electronic device such as chargers, earphones, USB cords, and etc. Don't you hate it when your cords are always tangled when you leave it in your bag. A great travel tip: wrap your cords with Cord Wrap To-Go by Urashima Taro. It fits in your backpack, suitcase, purse, or even your pockets. Keep it organize, the hassle free way.
One more tip: you can just unwrap the length of cords you need!
UT-Wire Cord Wrap To-Go
  • Comes in 3 colors & 3 sizes in each pack
  • Black (S), Gray (M), and Orange (L)
  • These will go well with most cord colors and storing different length of cords
Where to purchase at retail store:
  • Blackhawk Hardware
  • Fry۪s Electronics
  • Micro Center
Where to purchase on the internet: