How to Use UT-Wire Flexi Ties

"Easiest cable ties to use - Twist to tie and unwind to release!"
Click HERE to watch the video on Youtube!
STEP 1: Take the item out and ready to wrap STEP 2: Grab & organize the cord into one hand STEP 3: Wrap around the cord (wrap or twist) FINAL: Done! Neat & clean!! UT-Wire Flexi Ties is a perfect gadget for home, office, and handyman. It has soft cushion surface that does not cut into insulation, and designed for repeated usages.
Great gadget for the holiday: No more tangled christmas lights!
UT-Wire Flexi Ties II
  • Comes in 5۝, 7۝, or 14۝ length for different usages
  • Color: Black, Orange, and Grey
UT-Wire New Flexi Ties
  • Comes in 7۝ only
  • Color: Pink, Blue, and Yellow
Where to purchase at retail store:
  • Active Micro New & Flexi Ties II
  • Blackhawk Hardware Flexi Ties II only
  • Fry۪s Electronics Flexi Ties II only
  • Micro Center New & Flexi Ties II
  • The Container Store New Flexi Ties only
Where to purchase on the internet: