Reusable Cable Ties

Keeping an organized home and office can be a challenge for many of us. While there are many products on the market to help us stay put together, one small adjustment that manifests big results are cable ties. Reusable cable ties, like those available through UT Wire are perfect for bundling multiple objects together in a number of different settings. They are the perfect solution for keeping together loose cords in your office. Whether it be your office at work or at home, most of us have loose phone cords, computer power cords, speaker cords, printer cords, just to name a few, which get quickly tangled and that lead to a messy work life. Reusable cable ties are a practical way to keep cords together and off your desk, while also creating a professional workspace free of clutter. Flexible and stretchable, they are useful in keeping pens, pencils, and other office supplies bound together.

Reusable Cable Ties Can Be Used Over and Over - Inside or Outside

Reusable cable ties are perfect for use in the kitchen. When you consider all of your baking products - bags of flour, sugars, wheat, oats - reusable cable ties are the perfect way to seal these bags and keep them fresh. They're the perfect way to seal bags of chips, pretzels, breads, and any other snack food your family may enjoy. Reusable cable ties can be useful in keeping an organized garage or storage unit. Our ties are available in different lengths to accommodate any task. They are made with non-slip "teeth" and self-locking design sure to secure anything. The best feature is that they are reusable and never wear out. We have "Q Knot Originals" which are perfect for everyday items that you access on a daily basis. Our "Q Knot Pro" is designed for heavy duty jobs that require a tighter, more secure lock. Reusable cable ties are a small change that wields big results, namely a more organized workspace and home.