UT Wire Cable Management Products to be Sold in Staples!

Staples will begin to carry our best products (19 of them) in their stores nationwide. They got an entire aisle section dedicated for cable management which include our products and other vendors. The roll out will not be all the Staples stores. Only 600+ stores which is half of their total stores. Customers can check with their local store on availability or our website۪s Where to buy page and input their zip code for availability. We'll be selling our various concealing, mounting, bundling, and storing products for cables, wires, cords and more. We've had nothing but incredible feedback and look forward to our partnership with Staples. Our cable management products have been incredibly well-reviewed and people across the country are already enjoying the cord and cable wraps, reusable cable ties, speedy wrap, the Q Knot Plus and just about all our products. We look forward to seeing UT Wire carried in Staples, you can always feel free to contact us or find a location near you to purchase your cable products. We've even introduced the new mobile cord and cable management product... the Pocket! Great for storing your ear buds, charger cord, spare charger and more. Check out the new Pocket today, store charger and ear-buds or ear phones with a snap!