Wire Covers that Work

If you do not use wire covers with your electronics, a glance behind your entertainment center or computer can be a horror show. "The Wire Cluster That Ate Manhattan" will not give you nightmares if you tame that tangled mess with unique cable management products from UT Wire. You may need more than one solution but, fortunately, we have created a number of options that will bring your cables and cords under control. Whether you choose products out of necessity or preference, we have the bundling, storing, mounting, and concealing solutions that will work for you. At UT Wire, we have designed incredibly simple wire covers, cable ties, and cable speedy wraps to keep the cords and cables behind your entertainment electronics and office computer and peripherals... cords & cables organization. Choose cord protectors and concealers that hide your cords while they manage them, or opt for cord wraps such as Q Knots, Speedy-Wrap, and Flexi Ties that quickly bundle cables together. Our products are so useful and versatile you can put all of them to use throughout your home and office. Plus, it is simple and easy to add and remove wires and cables as you need to.

The Versatility of UT Wires Products - Efficient Wire Covers

When it comes to wire covers, few are as versatile as our Cord Channel and Cordline. It adheres to walls with a special double-stick tape and can even be painted to match the surface beneath it. That feature makes it especially handy for use with flat-screen televisions, but also for computers and peripherals that are situated far from each other. Everyone has experienced the tangled wire nightmare. At UT Wire, our goal is to take the hassle out of using the gadgets and electronics we rely on every day. Designed for ease of use and simple installation, our cable management products will free you up while keeping you organized.