Cable Management Products That Make Life Easier

The sheer number of accessories and peripherals attached to your computer makes cable management a necessity. It’s amazing how they accumulate, too. Maybe you started out with a few, manageable cables and cords but, over time, added a printer here, an Ethernet connection there or an external hard drive. With each new connection, another cord or cable was added and soon you had a rat’s nest behind your computer, running along the wall or not so discreetly hidden by an area rug. UT Wire knows what that’s like and has developed an entire line of products that directly address the conundrum of cable management.

   Flexi Ties Wrap Cords
Flexi Ties Cord Wrap To-Go Cable Station 2 & Mini Cord Channel

An ideal example of the useful products from UT Wire is their Cord Channel. It’s the most inconspicuous way to organize and conceal cables and cords, and all without the headache of piecing together joints and connectors. This unique concealment system easily installs anywhere on your walls or along the baseboard with a special double-sided tape. The ingenious design allows you to remove or insert cords as necessary. Plus, the Cord Channel can even be painted to match your walls for nearly perfect camouflage.

The Finest Cable Management Products Available

The Cord Channel is just one example of the innovative cable management solutions from UT Wire. We’ve also developed organizers for your desk that keep cables disentangled and straight so you won’t have to play hit-and-miss when you need to disconnect something. We even have cable wraps, reusable ties and a line of cord clips not only for use indoors, but for outdoor use, use in your vehicle and to-go wraps to keep cables and cords organized on the go. UT Wire understands the frustration of a messy tangle of cords, so we’ve developed the products that eliminate the problem. We know they work well and that they’ll come in handy for all your cable organization needs.

Cable and Cord Management