Forget Rubber Bands – Our Cable Ties are
the Perfect Solution!

UT Wire crossed a rubber band with a zip tie and came up with ultra-useful cable ties that are every bit as functional and essential, if not more, than the original products. The really terrific thing about Q Knots from UT Wire is that you’ll never stop finding ways to use them in the office or around your home for the best cable organization and cord management.

Cable and Cord Management

We’ve Created a Few Perfect Choices of Cable Ties For You

Our Q Knots cable ties are the ideal solution to bundling cords and cables to keep them tidy, untangled and straight, but they’re also useful for securing a collection of pens or markers or tying off the tops of any type of bag. They come in different colors and sizes, plus we’ve created two versions for different levels of use. The original Q Knot has straight teeth for a secure yet easy to unfasten tie, while the Q Knot Pro’s teeth are angled for a tighter hold when it needs to do its job for the long-haul. We’ve even made Q Knots for outdoor use that are perfect for in the garden or on the patio.

UT Wire is all about organization and we have a wide range of products for bringing orderliness to the chaos of your cords, cables, office supplies or any other items that tend to get out of control. We recognized the need in our own homes and offices and knew everyone could benefit from a line of cord protectors, cable ties, flexi cable & cord ties and cord clips to rein in and manage the devices we use every day. Whatever your home and office organization needs are, UT Wire has the simple products and solutions to make life a little easier.

The Best Cable Ties

Our Q Knots are reusable, making them better than traditional zip ties, and they stretch and flex just like rubber bands, but are more durable for longer-lasting use.