A new spiral cable wrap with flexi foam.

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Cable Slinky

Flexible Material

Its flexibility makes the wrap easy to stretch and maneuver however you like.

Fire Retardant

Don’t sweat the heat from all your cables with the fire retardant material keeping a safe work environment.

Sit-To-Stand Friendly

The stretchy nature is perfect for standing desks!

Easy Installation

Cable slinky is very soft and easy to wrap. Unlike traditional plastic spiral wraps, it is not rigid and does not require additional tools to install.

Expand to fit

Fits all small and large cable bundles to suit various electronic environments at home.

Breakout Design

With its spiral cut, breaking cables out to redirect individual wires wherever they need to go is simple!

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Technical Specs






  • Soft and easy to wrap
  • Flexible to go any direction
  • Fire Retrdant
  • Expand to fit all small & large cable bundles


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Our Story

Cable Slinky is our newest addition to our cord wrap family. We’ve redesigned the product using a lightweight and flexible foam so it can be easily wrapped around cables unlike the traditional hard plastic. This stretchable design also allows bundle to freely move around which makes it a sit to stand desk friendly cable management product. This spiral cable wrap is a must for those behind the computer or home entertainment center cord mess: a quick fix to keep all cords organized.