Dont trip.

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Cord Protector

New Compact Cord Protector

Top-Loading Channel

Ability to remove cords from top-loading channel for any future adjustments.

How many cables can fit?

The channel can fit either 3 USB cables, 2 ethernet cables or 1 Power Strip cable.

Soft and Flexible

Our unique flexible material makes installation easy and simple.

Stays Flat

The flexible material easily applies and lays flat on any floor surface.

Easy Installation

Simply adjust the length with a pair of scissors. Easily applies to any flooring surface.

Create a Trip-Free Floor

New slimmer profile covers and protects cords on the ground to keep floor areas clear and safe.

Low Profile for a Trip-Free Floor

This new slimmer profile covers and protects cords on the ground and keeps floor areas clear and safe.

The single channel stores and allows for easy identification of cords. No more tripping on loose cords across the floor.


  • (1) Gently tear open the seal to create the opening in the compartment by pulling it slightly outwards.
  • (2) Insert cords into the top compartments before adhering the Cord Protector on the floor. Turn off power and unplug all power wires prior to installation.
  • (3) Do not overload the compartment. The opening should close, not expand with the cords exposed to the outside.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

  • Dark gray
  • Beige

Size Options:

  • 5 ft.
  • Can be trimmed to desired size


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Our Story

Wires across the floor are dangerous, especially in high foot traffic areas. People can trip; objects can fall; cables can break. Installing a cord protector helps prevent these unwanted accidents. Designed for those with only one or two cables along the floor, the Compact Cord Protector is a single channel cord cover with the compartment opening on top for easy cable access and re-insertion. To create an organized, trip-free environment, just open the compartment, insert the cables, and tape down. Set those tripping worries aside with the Compact Cord Protector!

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