Create a smooth
trip-free floor.

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Cord Protector

Cord Protector
& Concealer

Covers and protects cords on the ground and keeps floor areas clear and safe.

Three individual channels store and allow for easy identification of cords. The two top-loading channels make future adjustments easy.

2 Top-Loading Channels

Ability to remove cords from the 2 top-loading channels for any future adjustments.

Main Channel

The largest compartment for cables that you are less likely to move around.

Extra Storage

Three individual channels for storing and organizing cords. Easily identify cords.

Easy Installation

Simply adjust length with scissors. Easily applies to any flooring surface.

Stays Flat

The flexible material easily applies and lays flat on any floor surface.

Create a Trip-Free Floor

Protect cords on the ground and keep floor areas clear and safe.


  • (1)Gently tear open the seal to create the opening in the compartments by pulling it slightly outwards.
  • (2)Insert cords into the top compartments before adhering
    the Cord Protector on the floor. Turn off power and unplug
    all power wires prior to installation.
  • (3)Do not overload the compartments. The opening should close, not expand with the cords exposed to the outside.
  • (4)For use in dry, indoor locations only.

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

  • Dark gray
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Tan

Size Options:

  • 5 ft.
  • 15 ft.
  • Can be trimmed to desired size


Color Box


Two additional top loading compartments

Our Story

Have a number of cords running across the floor? Not only is that a major safety issue in homes and offices, but it also visually ruins the setting. To avoid potential tripping hazards and to tame the mess, consider this great home office organization solution: the Cord Protector! A 3-channel cord cover for handling several cables, the Cord Protector shields the wires from foot traffic while keeping people safe. When it’s time to make changes, the top two loading channels allow for easy cable removal or rearrangement. Easy to install and easy to use, this clever cable protector solves many floor cord issues! For single channel cord covers: the Compact Cord Protector.