Don’t let those cords hang wild.

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Flexi Cable Wrap

Premium Quality Material Durable cushioned wrap protects your cables from foot traffic & chewing pets

Self Closing Design No plastic cuts from sharp edges. No cable ties, zippers, or velcro needed

Hassle-Free Installation Soft and Flexible material makes it easy to insert and route cables

Expandable Diameter 0.5 – 1” (12 – 25 mm)

The smart expandable system easily wraps
and conforms to bundle cords

Reroute Anywhere

The self closing design makes it easy for cables to break out and reroute midway. No scissor cut or damage to the sleeve needed.

Self Closing


Sectional View

Contain your cords

It’s a smart expandable system that easily self wraps and conforms to bundle cords. The rubber material makes it easy for cables to break out and reroute midway. Cut to your desired length with a pair of scissors and wrap any section of cords.


How to use

  • (1)Cut to desired length with a pair of scissors.
  • (2)Gently press open the pre-sealed slit.
  • (3)Insert cables into the wrap

DIY Rating

Technical Specs

Color Options:

  • Black

Size Options:

  • 8 ft.
  • 12 ft.


  • PET Recyclable Sealed Bags
  • Color Box

Our Story

Spiral cord wraps and pre-slit pipes get the decluttering job done, but not without extra tools to insert cables or the risk of plastic cuts. Computer and TV cable management should be simpler– and thus, came the Flexi Cable Wrap to solve these issues. Constructed with a soft material for easy cord insertion, this cable wrap has an expandable capacity for bundling the many cables behind computers and TVs. Easy to redirect cables and to cut to any length, the Flexi Cable Wrap offers ease and flexibility while still getting the job done!