simple design,
big solution.

Cable Slinky

A new spiral cable wrap

Pocket For Family

Family storage on the go

Charger Station

Keep chargers tidy and in place

Binditz Mini

Easily bundle your small cords

Binditz Original

The neat fix for any cord mess

Cable Blanket

Peel, stick and cover

Pocket for Laptop

The 2-in-1 pouch and mousepad

Pocket For Travel

Travel organzier on the go


Under desk organizer for power strips

In-Box Charging Station

Desktop organizer for your devices


Store chargers and earbuds in a snap

Compact Cord Protector

Cord cover with slimmer profile

Speedy Wrap

Magnetic cable wrap

Q Knot Plus

Compact & reusable ties


2 way cord channel

Cord Channel

Conceal loose cords along the wall

Q Knots

Multipurpose reusable ties

Flexi Cable Wrap

Expandable and flexible cord bundler

D-Wings Outdoor

Nail- free clips for outdoor


Nail-free cord clips

Cord Protector

Protects cords on the floor

Cable Station 2 & Mini

A smart way to clean your desk

Cord Wrap To-Go

No more tangled cords on the go.

Flexi Ties

Flex & twist to easily wrap cords

Q Knot Outdoor

Weather resistant for outside jobs

Q Knot Pro

Reusable ties for tighter locking