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Q Knot Plus is our more compact reusable cable ties that fits in your purse and bags. Use this slimmer tie for bundling and organizing various cords, cables or chargers. Just think of it like a new and improved version of your old rubber band. Set of 24 ties in assorted color and sizes.

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slim & compact reusable cable ties

Use this slimmer, more compact multipurpose tie for: bundling multiple objects, organizing various cords, sealing plastic bags, and much more.

non-slip grip teeth

Non-slip gripping “teeth” and smart self-locking design secure anything.

stretchable & flexible

The stretchable material allows you to easily release, re-tie, and reuse!

when can we use

Misc. Bundle


size option:

Small, medium, and large

color option:

Orange (small), blue (medium), grey (large)




3 sizes for small and medium groupings of cords.

what's included:

Small (8pcs), medium (8pcs), large (8pcs) reusable cable ties

designer notes

Original Q Knot too wide for your needs? Meet the Q Knot Plus, the slimmer addition to our Q Knot series of reusable cable ties. Despite its compact design, the Q Knot Plus handles just like the original without sacrificing versatility. With 3 sizes distinguished by the colors, the Q Knot Plus adds a little stylish fun to every cable management and organization project you have!