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reusable ties with tighter locking

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Q Knot PRO is a reusable multipurpose tie for bundling small tool and gadget, organizing various cords , and much more. Each re-sealable bag of 25 count Q Knots Pro comes in 3 different colors and sizes. Great gadget for your garage, electrical, home, garden and camping.

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heavy duty reusable cable ties

Can be used for workshops and garages.

slanted non-slip grip teeth

Non-slip gripping “teeth” and smart self-locking design secure anything.

stretchable & flexible

The stretchable material allows you to easily release, re-tie, and reuse!

when can we use

Heavier Bags


size option:

Small, medium, and large

color option:

Wintergreen (small), white (medium), black (large)




3 sizes for small and medium groupings of cords.

what's included:

Small (10pcs), medium (10pcs), large (5pcs) reusable cable ties

designer notes

We have cleverly redesigned our popular, award-winning original Q Knot into heavy-duty cable ties. Designed with slanted teeth, the Q Knot Pros offer a more secure lock, suitable for bundling stiffer or bigger bundles of cables in workshops and garages. Never cut and waste another zip tie again with these reusable cable ties making your life that much easier.