Today’s Technological Trends

See how UT Wire’s cord organizing products accomodate to meet the market demand.

1 Q Knot – Small
2 Q Knot – Medium
3 Q Knot – Large
4 D Wings – Small
5 D Wings Large
6 Cord Wrap To-Go
7 Cable Station Mini
8 Flexi Ties – 5 inch
9 Flexi Ties – 7 inch
10 Flexi Ties – 14 inch

Research & Study

  • 35% purchases made through Thanksgiving weekend were consumer eletronics. 39% were tablets, 25% were headphones, and 25% were notebooks.
  • Tablets will account for 50% of PC sales in 2014 according to researchers at Canalys, an increase from only 33% PC sales in 2013.
  • Consumers spend on average about 15 hours per week reasearching purchases on mobile sites and apps. The amount of video viewed on mobile devices is going through the roof. 40% of Youtube’s traffic is coming from mobile devices.

Results & Findings

Increased number of users owning a tablet and spending time on a mobile device will increase the need to organize related accessories such as chargers, earphones, and USB cables to take with them on the go.