3 Easy Ways to Make Work From Home Safe for You and Your Toddler

While working from home may be a breeze for some, for employed moms, remote working has turned into “bring your child to work day.” Suddenly, team Zoom meetings no longer take precedent when there are in-house children to consider. *Activate zoom mute button.*  Whether you’re on a call or in the depths of an Excel spreadsheet, you want to ensure that your kid can roam the abode free of tripping hazards. Top priority: home safety. While your child is at home for school, here are some budget-friendly ways to keep cord mess to a minimum and out of sight.

1. Cover the Cords!

According to KidsHealth.org, most homebound accidents happen in areas with increased potential to fall. Some common household items that could cause this: cable and wires. For cords running across the carpet, the Carpet Cord Cover secures them in place and provides a three-layered cushioned protection to ensure that these tripping hazards are no problem. With high quality padding coverage, stepping on this cord makes walking as comfortable as flat carpet.

2. Wrap Up the Cable Wires!

Oftentimes, the wires behind our computer setups appear as a disheveled mess. However, working from home does not have to mean that your home office overtakes your space. Neatly wrapping the cords away will not only save you from an eyesore, but will also increase home safety and prevent an inadvertent toddler fiasco. This spiral Cable Slinky is stretchy, so you can wrap a bunch of wires in one. You won’t have to worry about your little one grabbing a fist full of enticing-looking HDMI cords. It’s the perfect fix for desktop setups and television entertainment systems.

3. Store Away the Surge Protectors!

This may be the most important one. All too often, children are caught sticking their fingers in electrical outlets, and that is not an accident we’d want to happen. In 2018, according to the National Safety Council, an estimated 75% of preventable injury-related deaths happened while in the home. It is also reported that “children aged 0-4 have one of the highest injury rates.” This In-Box Cable Box keeps surge protectors out of sight and out of mind, so your kid won’t go poking around where they shouldn’t. It’s big enough to fit from 6- to 12-outlet power strips, but small enough so you can easily store it beneath or behind a desk without it looking out of place.

Working from home and home schooling don’t have to be stressful if you plan and prepare accordingly. With these products promoting home safety measures, you can now tend to the meeting agenda with less disturbances as your inquisitive toddler roams freely. It’s a win-win for all.