Pocket for Laptop

2-in-1 pouch and mousepad

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Product description

The 2-in-1 pocket for laptop provides a safe storage pouch for your laptop charger and mouse and other tech accessories. It also functions as a mousepad when opened and laid flat. Prevents small items from shifting or scratching your laptop in your bag. 

Ships in 1-3 Business Days

where can it be stored?

  • laptop bags
  • travel luggage
  • suitcase

what it provides

Rubber Grip Lining





10.25” x 5.25” (pouch)
11” x 10.25” (mousepad)


Polyester, polyurethane, zinc alloy

care instruction

Spot clean

designer notes

For the mobile laptop user searching for a versatile storage solution for their laptop chargers and many tech accessories, look no further than the Pocket for Laptop. A 2-in-1 travel case, the Pocket for Laptop keeps its contents organized and scratch-free while on the go. When fully unzipped and flattened, this handy pouch transforms into a mousepad, complete with a smooth surface and a non-slip rubber grip bottom for optimal mouse performance. Whether the destination is another country or the café down the road, travelers can enjoy easy technology transport without forgetting their mousepad with this travel organizer!