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Product description

Soft, flexible, and color, the Flexi Tie is a reusable cable tie for bundling multiple cords or organizing excess wires. Easy to organize cords (i.e. hair dryer, hair curler, coffee maker, mixer, blender, and other electronic products.)

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soft and flexible

With a soft, cushioned surface that prevents damage to cables and doesn't cut into insulation, the Flexi Ties are easy to twist and wrap around bundles.


Flexi Ties are reusable cable wraps, so you can use them as many times as you need.

6 colors

Available in a variety of colors to make cord organization and identification easy.


size option:

5.2” (small) & 7.25” (large)

color option:

Blue, pink, yellow, black, orange, white


Rubber, steel rod, plastic end cap


5” length for small group of cords and 7” length for small to medium group of cords.

what's included:

8 pieces (5.2”) and 6 pieces (7.25”)

designer notes

Cord organizing can be a real chore– but it doesn’t have to be! To add some color and a little bit of fun into cable management, toss those zip ties aside and try the Flexi Ties! Cushioned and colorful, Flexi Ties are cord wraps for bundling wires with no risk of cutting into the wire insulation. Available in six vibrant colors, these reusable cable ties definitely stand out for identifying cables and are so easy to use. Simply twist to tie, and unwind to undo. Scoot over, old zip ties; here come the Flexi Ties.