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3-channel cord cover

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Product description

This 3-channel cord cover protects loose cords running across on the floor. Two top-loading channels allow you easy access to remove cords without removing the entire cover. Includes double-sided adhesive tape.

Ships in 1-3 Business Days

trip-free floor

Cord protector and concealer protects cords on the ground and keep floor areas clear and safe.

3-loading channels

Three individual storage system: main channel and
2-top loading channels.

easy adjustment

Top loading channels allows easy removal of cords for any future adjustments.

easy installation

Simply adjust length with scissors. Easily applies to any flooring surface. STAY FLAT! - The flexible material easily applies and lays on any floor surface.

where can it be used?



length option:

5 ft & 15 ft

color option:

Beige, black, grey


Neoprene rubber


Cable sizes vary. (Main Channel) fits up to 3 Ethernet Cables or 1 Power Strips (Two Side Channel-combined): fits up to 2 Ethernet Cables or 4 Telephone Lines.

suitable flooring:

Short pile carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, tile, stone, concrete

what's included in the box:

Cord protector & double sided adhesive tape

download installation:

Click to View PDF

designer notes

Have a number of cords running across the floor? Not only is that a major safety issue in homes and offices, but it also visually ruins the setting. To avoid potential tripping hazards and to tame the mess, consider this great home office organization solution: the Cord Protector! A 3-channel cable protector solves many floor cord issues!