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Slim Cord Raceway

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The Mini Cord Channel features a front-opening channel, which is a quick and easy fix to route and conceal small cords along the wall, baseboard, and desks. Includes: double-sided foam tape

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organize & conceal

Neatly route cables along surfaces and hide them from sight with this raceway.

compact form

With its slim size, it's perfect for managing one or two 4mm wires.

easy application

Each Mini Cord Channel comes with a pre-applied tape. Just peel the backing and apply the channel.

soft and flexible

The flexible material allows you to create a slightly curved path for maneuvering your cables with more freedom. Cut the raceway to your desired length with just a pair of sissors.

easy access slit

Without complications, you can add, remove, or reroute cords in the future.


length option:

10 ft

color option:

White (Paintable)




Up to two 4mm charging cables



what's included in the box:

1 roll of Mini Cord Channel with pre-applied double adhesive tape

download installation:

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designer notes

Not every situation calls for a cord organizer able to wrangle multiple wires at once.  For those one or two charger cables, you’ll want your solutions to be more specific like the Mini Cord Channel.  Offering all the features of the hassle-free Cord Channel, this raceway is slimmer, more flexible, and more compact to better navigate fewer cables along narrow pathways.  Organize and route cables at your desk, wall, kitchen backsplash, wherever you need, and enjoy the satisfaction of having the right solution for your specific situation.