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Product description

Create a tidy environment on your desk or nightstand by hiding cords and surge protectors from sight. Designed to let you easily plug in your wires and prop up your devices while you power all your electronics: tablets, smartphones, Apple Watch, AirPods, etc. *Power strip & chargers not included.

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keep cords out of sight

Create a tidy environment by hiding power strips and messy cables inside the In-Box.

charging station

A mobile device holder equipped with three slots in the lid groove for charging personal devices in one place.

3 access ways

Access and organize your cables and cords through openings on the top, left, and right side.



12.5” (L) x 5” (W) x 4.625” (H)

color option:

Black & white


Plastic & sillicone


Fits most standard 6-12 outlet power strip

what's included in the box:

in-box charging station (Power strip and chargers are not included)

designer notes

From mobile phones to tablets to other devices, people have many electronics to charge. Having these devices all scattered around at different charging points is a hassle, but having too many plugged into one outlet or surge protector is an invitation for clutter. To keep charging simple, the In-Box Charging Station offers a solution to both problems as a multiple device charging station and a cable hider. Able to fit a surge protector, the Charging Station conceals the cables plugged in to keep the environment free of cable messes. With three slots for the cables on the box lid, this organizer box also has a top groove to prop the charging devices up for convenient viewing. Let the In-Box Charging Station be your tidy designated charging spot!