• Smart

  • Space

  • Marked for

  • Keep Everyone

Travel-friendly & Portable

These pouches are not only versatile, but they're also compact and lightweight! They're the perfect size to fit onto a shelf like a folio or pack into your bag to make the most of your space. Plus, with the handy flat handle design, you can easily hold the Folio as you move around or quickly unzip it to access your items. How convenient is that?

Choose the
Folio for You!

We’ve developed several types of pouches to meet your storing needs. Everything from small tech gadgets to an iPad Pro, we got you! Check all the available options and choose the best model for you.

  • Mini

    Small, Portable, and Cute!

  • Tech Pouch 1L

    For Each and Everyone

  • Tech Pouch 2L

    Let’s put it All Together

  • Tablet Pouch

    Bring on the Entertainment

  • Max

    Bring on the Entertainment TIMES TWO!