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Product description

Using hook-and-loop fasteners, this Carpet Cord Cover is designed to stick to carpeting without any adhesives.  Simply apply over wires running along the floor and press down to secure.  Remove, adjust, and reuse with ease with no adhesive residue left behind.

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trip-free floor

Cord cover designed to secure cables running across the carpet in place and prevent tripping.

3-layered cushioned protection

High-quality padding makes stepping on this cord cover comfortable.
1. Durable Exterior
2. Cushioned Layer
3. Premium Hook

reusable & adjustable

Removal, reuse, and adjustments are easy and leave no adhesive residue behind.

suitable carpet type for the cover

Suitable for loop pile and combination loop and cut pile carpet. Un-suitable for cut pile carpet. Questions? Contact us to request for a hook fastening sample to test your carpet before you buy

1. Suitable Capret: Loop Pile / Combination Cut & Loop Pile
2. Unsuitable Carpet: Cut Pile Carpeting

where can it be used?

Kids Room
Workout Room


length option:

5 ft

color option:

Beige, Grey


Polyester, rubber foam, hook and loop


Fits up to 3 Eternet or HDMI cables or 1 power cable

suitable flooring:

Loop pile carpet and combination loop

non-suitable flooring:

Cut pile carpet

what's included in the box:

carpet cord cover

designer notes

Cables running along your floors are a hazard to foot traffic and to the connected electronics. The Cord Cover secures cables running across carpeted floors with the hook-and-loop fasteners lining its underside. This wire concealer uses no adhesives, so no residue is left behind when it is removed, adjusted, and reused. The high-quality cushioning of the this floor cable management solution protects wires and provides comfort to foot traffic.