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Product description

This Cord Channel, featuring front-opening channel, is a quick and easy fix to route and conceal cords along the wall, baseboard, and desks. Paintable to match with decor. Includes: double-sided foam tape

Ships in 1-3 Business Days

route & conceal

The simplest way to route cables on the wall or along baseboard without the hassel of working with additional connectors or joints.

re-route cables

The front opening allows you to extend single cords if you need to reroute to a different location.

soft & flexible

Cut to your desired length with a pair of scissors to easily apply to the flooring surface.


An off-white color that is paintable to blend in with any wall color.


length option:

10 ft

color option:

White (paintable)




Cable sizes vary. Fits up to 5 ethernet cables or 3 power cords



download installation:

Click to View PDF

designer notes

Cord running along your walls aren’t the prettiest sight, but hiding them behind a wall isn’t the easiest task either. Rather than fuss around with drilling and sawing, why not consider the Cord Channel? A hassle-free wire cover for walls, the Cord Channel needs only tape to install to walls to hide those dangling cables. To suit any situation, this cord organizer can be cut to length and can be painted to match walls. No additional parts or joints required for this uncomplicated cable management solution!