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Product description

The D-Wings hold and guide loose cords across any flat surfaces such as walls or desks. Use it for audio video cords, chargers, lighting cords, power cables, holiday lights and etc.  This assorted 18-piece set for cord control includes 12 small and 6 large clips.

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easy installation

Simply peel, stick and stay.

easy to guide cords

Rounding corners, etc.

easy adjustment

Front opening makes adding and removing cords easier.

stick it anywhere

Suitable for various surfaces for all cord types.


color option:

White (paintable) & black


Rubber & double-sided foam tape


Cable sizes vary. (small size) Fits 1 small to medium cord. (large size) Fits 1 medium to large cord.

what's included in the box:

18 pieces (12 small & 6 large)

download installation:

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designer notes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cable clip without the nail or screw holes? What if we want to clip cords on surfaces we cannot or do not want to nail like glass, concrete walls, or wooden furniture? We built the concept of D-Wings to solve this issue one simple solution: a cable management clip to route and guide cords on surfaces using a 3M foam tape that sticks well and removes clean. D-Wings can hold chargers on night stand or guide cables behind TV entertainment centers. It is a small tool with big uses. Simply peel, stick, and stay.