who we are

It began in 2008 in California, USA. Faced with all the cords cluttering our lives in today’s tech-driven world, we sought a simple solution to stay organized. When we found nothing that really matched our needs, we took matters into our own hands. Thus, the UT Wire brand was born.

simple design,
big solution.

Sometimes, the most effective solutions are the simplest ones. We strive to provide simple organization solutions for everyday people in everyday situations. No complicated instructions involved; no intricate parts included; no fancy tools needed. Just simple products making life easier. We are honored to receive awards from world-renowned Red Dot and iF International Forum Design for our design.

getting it done

Our products mean everything to us. From where to how to by whom, we pay close attention to every detail that goes into the process. We collaborate with our partnered factories through many discussions, prototypes, and samples to realize the final products. All our products are designed, user-tested, and warehoused here in the United States. We care about our products and stand by them.

quality material

Quality products start with quality materials, and we want to deliver solutions that will not only last, but will also be safe for everyone at home. We work with accredited third-party laboratories to test every product so you can have peace of mind with UT Wire.

fair pricing

A good management solution doesn’t need to come with a big price tag. We offer an honest pricing that can be affordable for all. Great design, great products— at fair prices.