A Guide to Designing a Safe Home Audio System

A home audio system is a fun way to upgrade your entertainment area. Tackle the season’s hottest movies and shows with the best high quality sound and audio system to bring the excitement right into your living room. Not to mention, creating a home audio system is also perfect for family movie nights! But, designing a space with high quality sound comes with a great deal of wires running across your floors or hanging off your walls. Ensure your entertainment room is kid-friendly and hazard free by organizing cable cords and running wires. Continue reading for some useful tips on designing a safe home audio system.

Take Advantage of Wall Clips

Typically, when one thinks of wall cable clips, they may imagine drilling nails into their walls when it comes to hanging certain items. When using D-Wings cable clips, you don’t have to think twice about drills! These nail-free cord clips use foam tape to adhere to walls and are a handy tool when it comes to leading and keeping cables of varying thickness along the wall. Wall cord management is an important consideration to keep in mind when completing your home audio system, as guiding cords along the base of the wall keeps the area clean and well-maintained. Choose from black or white colored clips to route your wires.

Conceal Cable Cords Behind the TV

Although it’s simple to run cable cords along the wall, some cable cords do not meet that length. For any cables that need to run across the ground, such as behind the TV or entertainment center, a high capacity Cable Blanket is the perfect answer. The Cable Blanket is ideal for cable concealing, featuring the ability to shape itself to how many cables it covers while keeping the lowest profile possible.

Hide Wall Cables

When setting up your home audio system, you may come to realize there are more cables involved than you imagined. If you find yourself running numerous cables along the wall, conceal them with the user-friendly Cordline. A Cordline is one product with two functions, as it can be used for a small-capacity cord channel to group smaller bundles of cords along the wall, or convert the product for larger groupings of cords. When seeking a front-opening channel, consider using the front-access raceway Cord Channel. The Cord Channel is a quick and easy fix to route and conceal audio cables along the wall. The double-sided foam tape ensures secure attachment, and this product also features the ability to be painted to match the wall. Both the Cordline and Cord Channel can be cut to your preferred length and to allow breakout cables if you need them to be rerouted!

Your home entertainment center will be the hot spot after installing a brand new audio system! Don’t forget to keep the area safe and hazard-free by keeping chords off the floor, and securely attached to the wall. You will have many great reasons to look forward to sports, family nights, and more.