Baby Safety Month Baby Proofing House

Come September, it'll be baby safety month and we can۪t think of anything more important. Baby safety can involve a lot of things from making sure you۪re watching them, making sure they don۪t choke on small items, that they۪re strapped into their car seats and even more. If you have a baby, you also know one of the most important things you do to ensure your baby۪s safety is to baby proof the house. Babies are curious and they also don۪t know any better, so they۪re at risk for chewing, grabbing or tripping on the wrong things and you certainly don۪t want that. To celebrate baby safety month, let۪s talk about some ways you can baby proof your house and ensure the safety of your child.

Under Desk Cable Management

Desks are the mothership for many homes. With laptops, desktops, lamps, WiFi, printers and other technological items, there are always going to be a mess of cables under the desk that looks unsightly and is also very unsafe for your baby. For under desk cable management, it۪s a good idea to purchase some items that will ensure your baby۪s safety. You wouldn۪'t want your baby chewing on these cords, tripping on them or even playing with them.

Cable Guard

One of the best ways to ensure your baby won۪t get to the cables is to buy a cable guard or cable hider. A cable hider can easily slip the cable inside where your baby won۪t be able to get to it and out of sight out of mind. You can purchase our compact cord protector, which can fit up to three USB cables, two Ethernet cables or one power strip. The material is soft and flexible, so your baby won۪t injure themselves on it. This cable guard is easy to install because you can adjust to the length you want by cutting it down and easily applies to any flooring surface. Another Wire protector idea is our cord protector and concealer. Different to the cable guard, this electrical cord cover fits completely over the cords rather than letting the cord slide directly inside. It comes with three individual channels to store cords. These electrical cord covers stay flat and also have a super easy installation.

In Box Cable Box Organizer

If you have serious under desk cable management issues, this is the perfect solution to baby proofing that area. This large box can hold all of your cables, transformers, plugs and more in one safe space that your baby can۪t get into. Wire protectors and cable guards are critical when you۪re preparing a home for a baby. Electrical wires are the last thing you want your baby to come into contact with, and these simple measures will ensure their safety.